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Short Term  Insurance 

Long Term Insurance 

Health insurance 

Financial Solutions


Our business model however incorporates cost effective mechanisms, which allow consumers to better manage finances, achieve a better quality offer and peace of mind.

Bramiche has the expertise and administrative infrastructure to monitor and meet the ever changing needs of an organization, our experience and reputation within the industry enables us to negotiate competitive rates which we pass onto clients

Financial Services

 Short Term
- Building Fleet
- Vehicles Electronics
- Stock
- Assets
- Guarantees & Sureties 

Long Term
- Business Assurance 
- Key Man Insurance
- Buy and Sell Agreements
- Contingency Assurance

Group Risk 
- Pension/Provident Fund,
- Group Life, Group Disability (Income -        Disability or Lump Sum Disability)
- Severe Illness (i.e. Cancer, Stroke, Heart  Condition)
- Group Funeral

Financial Solutions
- Retirement Planning,
- Estate Planning,
- Risk Profling,
- Pension and Provident Fund,
- Education Planning

Health Insurance and Funds Administration- - Comprehensive Health Plans
- Pure Hospital Plans
- Claims processing 
- Updating of Beneficiaries

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