Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services

Provide Financial Services which uplift, ensure growth
and add value to every client we serve.


About Bramich

Our Vision is to provide financial services, which uplift, ensure growth and add value to every client “We Serve”We committed to offer nothing but the very best. We exist because of our customer and we are very grateful to our customers who have made us what we are today. We aim to empower our clients so that they are able to:

  • Make informed financial decisions
  • Better manage their finances
  • Ensure financial stability

BRAMiCHE (Pty) Ltd is a Financial Service Brokerage providing products and services to individuals and companies across all communities and industries.

Bramiche develops and designs products in line with the client’s requirements and budget without compromising on risk, service delivery or performance. We create products and provide services which markets demand and through established relationships with key service providers we are able to tailor these products to suite particular markets. Our expertise in the industry and sound relationship with service providers ensures greater synergy and drives delivery.

Research conducted over the years, has demonstrated that although people receive good income they are not able to manage their finances; neither do they seek the assistance of financial service providers. The misconception is that such services are too costly.

Our business model however incorporates cost effective mechanisms, which allow consumers to better manage finances, achieve a better quality offer and peace of mind.

Our mission therefore is to increase understanding by exposing individuals/communities/businesses to the opportunities, which are available to them within the financial services industry thereby enhancing their financial intelligence so that they are;

•  Better able to manage their finances

•  Make informed financial decisions

•  Able to grow their assets

•  Able to leave a legacy for their children’s children.







Why Bramich

Our reputation is the root of our success. We recognize and acknowledge that if the foundation is poor, we will not have the strength to build on it. If it remains strong, we can grow our business with confidence. Therefore,

  • We do not sell a product but address the client’s needs
  • We ensure affordability and focus on what is necessary
  • We source the best products
  • We tailor our services
  • We provide a level of constant customer contact
  • We maintain long term and strong relationships
  • We use only credible service providers


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